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ITR Update

Welcome to the site and to this month's Into The Red records update:

Andy Parker’s solo instrumental albums have continued as our mainstay. Both Listening at the Keyhole and Tranquille have quietly furthered the cause of Andy’s instrumental guitar journey and his blending of blues and reggae.

And now we have something different…two things, in fact:

The first is the legendary ‘missing’ tapes of Andy’s work with Coolwater, recorded at the band’s studio in London, left in a cab and only recently recovered;

The second is his first new recording in some time: EnglandLand.


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For further biographical material about Andy Parker, check out his page after this. You can also find an interview with him on (click the "radio" link in the main menu) where he talks to Brazilian journalist Antonio Celso Barbieri about the making of the album.

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